Vermont Yankee RIP

I didn’t pay much attention when the storm clouds were building around Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant (NPP), gathering to force closure of another productive noo-clay-err asset because, frankly it was far away and out of my sight. I’m not sure if my voice would have carried any weight with anyone, anyway.

Be that as it may, we now have two years of data that clearly shows that the output of VY was replaced with, wait for it—————————————————- natural gas fired electrical generation.

Governor Pete Shumlin claimed that the state didn’t need the power produced by VY. Meanwhile, VY was trying to sell the entire output of the 600 WM plant to the utilities for 4 cents per kilowatt hour. Can you imagine that? (BTW the output of VY was enough to power the entire state! Imagine powering the state with a single windmill or solar installation, haha!)

I currently pay over 10 cents per kilowatt hour retail in Brigham City. At 4 cents per kwh, the utilities could cover their distribution costs and still make a decent profit and I could save a bunch, if I only had to pay 8 or 9 cents per kwh. Win, win, win for everybody. Just day dreaming again.

Could I please have VY?

I consider this a crime against electrical rate payers in Vermont. As Murray Rothbard says, follow the money. Who had motive and opportunity? Look no further than the gas suppliers in Vermont. They should be the prime suspects, along with Shumlin.

If the Attorney General of Vermont had any integrity and assuming that he wasn’t in on the fix, why isn’t he investigating this crime – a $10 billion property crime?


PS Two good sources of information about the whole VY deal are:

Atomic Insights and Yes Vermont Yankee


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