The Promise of Nuclear Power

Last night we got a taste of life without abundant and relatively cheap electricity.  A high voltage Rocky Mountain Power transmission line went down and left Brigham City without power for about 30 minutes.  We were in the dark, but not really long enough to start getting cold.

Few of us can imagine what life would be like without abundant energy.  My parents certainly do know what is like, since they both grew up with wood and coal burning stoves that cooked their food and provided what warmth there was in their humble homes.

When I was younger, I visited my grandparents in both of those homes, which had long since been converted to natural gas and propane.  I remember some winters there also.  My mom’s parents lived on the Bountiful bench which would usually get a few feet of snow throughout the winter.  While my dad’s parents lived near Woodruff, which wouldn’t get much snow, but the -40°F temperatures more than made up for the lack of snow.  They were survivors, or I wouldn’t be writing this now.  Kerosene lamps, firewood, and coal allowed such survival, barely.

Our lives are vastly more prosperous and productive today because of abundant energy.  It has transformed our lives.  I want that to continue, but it will not, unless we make decisions today that will allow scientists, engineers, physicists, and entrepreneurs the freedom to pursue nuclear energy without the killing regulations that only serve to keep the fossil fuelers in power and awash in money.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower said this on 8 December 1953 in a speech entitled, Atoms for Peace,

The United States knows that peaceful power from atomic energy is no dream of the future. That capability, already proved, is here–now–today. Who can doubt, if the entire body of the world’s scientists and engineers had adequate amounts of fissionable material with which to test and develop their ideas, that this capability would rapidly be transformed into universal, efficient, and economic usage?
(See paragraph 62)

Well, what the heck happened?  Atomic Rod has written some well researched articles about what went wrong and who derailed the progress of nuclear energy. Click here to learn more.

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