I know this post is a little bit late, since Thanksgiving was last week, but after very pleasant weather for the week, it turned bitter cold.  I’m talking about temperatures in the single digits (°F); an arctic blast straight out of the north.

It was then that I realized what I was thankful for (besides my loved ones).  I had enjoyed the company of my family, for which I am most grateful.  But, the cold weather reminded me of the incredible prosperity that we have because of cheap energy.  Central heat (and central air conditioning in the summer) is a blessing of incomparable value, one that has not been enjoyed by many people. The Kings and Lords of old did not enjoy such opulence as we do in this regard.

Most of the land in the United States is at high latitudes where there are cold, harsh winters.  I don’t think anyone born after 1960 can imagine what life would be like without electricity at our beck and call.  We flip a switch and are able to accomplish what would be considered miracles just a few decades ago.

I want this type of lifestyle to continue for me and my family and for the whole world.  Great things have been accomplished with fossil fuels, but increasing global consumption of oil, coal, and gas will eventually drive up their prices as supplies are reduced.  Only nuclear power can provide the energy we need in the quantities necessary for our continued prosperity.


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