Texas Thorium Energy

Recently, business took me to San Antonio, Texas for a week.  I really enjoyed the city and got to see some of its sights.  Here is a picture of the Alamo.

San Antonio 010

Of course, if you go to San Antonio, don’t miss the Riverwalk.San Antonio 012 Ben camera 1 035 Ben camera 1 041 Ben camera 1 043 Ben camera 1 044

I also visited Mission San JoseBen camera 1 086 Ben camera 1 088 More pictures of the Riverwalk: Ben camera 1 145 Ben camera 1 147

I liked this hotel, The Emily Morgan, with a triangular corner right next to the Alamo.Ben camera 1 185These photos are a good excuse for a post, but I also wanted to make the point that human urban civilization requires concentrated, abundant, and reliable energy, which I believe can only be fulfilled in the future with nuclear power and the flavor I like is molten salt.


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