Take This (Carbon) Tax and Shove It.

I just wanted my readers to understand very clearly UTE’s position on proposed carbon taxes, cap and trade schemes, and other sort of mental gymnastics leading to global control of energy sources.

Let’s start with carbon – an element – a substance that cannot be chemically interconverted or broken down into simpler substances and are the primary constituents of matter.

All life on earth; plant, animal, and HUMAN is carbon based. That carbon comes ultimately from CO2 in the atmosphere. That CO2 is increasing in the atmosphere means that life is increasing. To curtail CO2 is to curtail life itself. (I’ll let the proponents of such carbon reduction schemes answer for themselves whether or not the reduction of life on earth is their ultimate objective or not.)

(Note: CO2 has been added to the atmosphere by human activity, but not all of the increase in the Keeling curve is due to human activity.)

So, to be clear to UTE’s readers, (drum roll, please, maestro) – Take your carbon tax and shove it!

PS. I am also unwilling to jump on the whole bandwagon of global warming/cooling/change etc. for the expediency of promoting nuclear power. If nuclear power, in general and molten salt thorium reactors in particular, succeed in the market/real world, they need to do so on their own merits, which I believe they ultimately will.



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