Snow and Thorium

Snow 055God gave us snow so we can make snowmen and fill our reservoirs with water. That’s especially important in Utah where we rely on that snow for water over the summer. God also gave us thorium (a naturally occurring element) so we could use that to melt the snow on our driveways and on our streets and use that heat and electricity to power our homes and civilization.

Snow and thorium are as natural as silicon, gallium, and arsenic (arsenic is toxic, forever, BTW, no half life), which are used to make solar cells. Snow and thorium are as natural as the neodymium magnets in the generators of wind turbines that the advocates of unreliables love to love.

He gave us thorium. Let’s use it.

PS. It doesn’t matter a wit if you agree with my belief in God or not. Snow, thorium, silicon, gallium, arsenic, and neodymium are all very natural. It doesn’t make you or I better than the other. It just means that I believe and work for a world with abundant energy for all, while solar and wind advocates don’t work for such abundance.

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