“Radiation science is dominated by a paradigm based on an assumption without empirical foundation. Known as the linear no-threshold (LNT) hypothesis, it holds that all ionizing radiation is harmful no matter how low the dose or dose rate. … Belief in LNT informs the practice of radiology, radiation regulatory policies, and popular culture through the media. The result is mass radiophobia and harmful outcomes, including forced relocations of populations near nuclear power plant accidents, reluctance to avail oneself of needed medical imaging studies, and aversion to nuclear energy—all unwarranted and all harmful to millions of people.”

The linear no-threshold hypothesis (LNT, for short) is the basis for the regulation of ionizing radiation in the United States.  LNT is wrong. It’s time to move on.

Read these sources:

Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information

A basic explanation of LNT

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