Progress Against Fear

Fear is an emotion. It is more primal than reason. Engineers and scientists have been writing for decades to persuade the masses (OK, maybe the masses don’t really read what scientists and engineers generally write, but I think you get my point.) that nuclear is good and safe for all these technical reasons. That isn’t working.

The anti-nuclear crowd has been very effective at fear mongering and using it to delay and add costs to nuclear power plants. Us, pro-nuclear types need to do more to address those fears head on.

One way to do that is to call out those whose actions cause nuclear fear. Recently US CENTCOM admitted to using depleted uranium (DU) shells in Syria after it had promised not to. So, I am calling out the actions of US CENTCOM over using DU and lying about it.

There is significant controversy on the health issues surrounding the use of DU, but its use certainly increases fear of all things nuclear. I believe that ultimately hurts all of us on this planet.


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