Nuclear Versus Wind & Solar (Part 2)

I want to talk today about 10 cities, in fact, the ten biggest cities in the world in terms of population.

Here we go, starting from the biggest;

1. Tokyo–Yokohama (37,843,000)

2. Jakarta (30,539,000)

3. Manila (24,123,000)

Manila Philippines from the air Aerial Pictures Metro Manila
4. Delhi (23,998,000)

5. Karachi (23,500,000)

6. Seoul (23,480,000)

7. Shanghai (23,416,000)

8. Beijing (21,009,000)

9. New York City (20,630,000)

Manhattan Office Vacancy Rate Drops In Second Quarter
10. Guangzhou (20,597,000)

GuangzhouThe total population of these ten cities is almost 250 million people! That is astounding!  It seems self evident that people like to live in cities. In fact, there are nearly 500 cities in the world with over 1 million in population. The total of these 500 cities is 1.7 billion!

Do you think that civilization, such as I have shown here can be powered by these?

Here comes the sun TehachapiDo you need some math to show the impracticality of this? (I think the photos are very instructive in this regard. Look at the density of the cities versus the very dispersed wind and solar farms.)

I suggest that there are three possibilities behind those promoting the vision of wind and solar powering the world; the dumb, neo Pol Pots, and hacks for gas companies (which always seem to back up the wind and solar plants.)

Nuclear has the capability to power our cities and do it cleanly, safely, sustainably, and economically. And the cities that suffer from smog could be greatly helped with emission free nuclear power. What are we waiting for? The dumb? The neo Pol Pots? The Hacks?

I’m tired of waiting.


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