New York

I really like this picture of the New York Skyline.  It reminds me of human creativity and society. Millions of people live and breathe and have lives in this city, as reflected by the photo. The new World Trade Tower One (on the left) has since been completed.Downtown_Manhattan_from_heli-April2012 I guess the electrical service to that building alone is 30 MW and probably lower Manhattan maybe totals 500 MW, maybe even 1 GW. (Maybe someone out there knows what the electrical load is and can comment.)

New York is a very concentrated, urban city. I snicker to myself when alternative types talk about powering society with wind or solar power.  Can you imagine the number of windmills, solar panels, and battery backups it would take to power New York 24/7?  Probably about the land area of New Jersey for solar, with the coast plastered 5 rows deep with windmills!

Human society requires concentrated, clean, safe, abundant, reliable energy like that contained in the nucleus of thorium, uranium, and plutonium.

So, if you are a green, please ask yourself if you’re really just advocating a much smaller human population when you talk about wind and solar, or maybe you’re not bright enough to know that’s what the alternatives will lead to?

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