Location, Location, Location

I know that I am getting ahead of myself, but I have scouted out the perfect location for the first molten salt Thorium reactor in Utah.  Of course, there are no commercial molten salt reactors available any where in the world just yet, but when they are ready, I have the perfect site – Garbage in the Mist.

Garbage in the Mist, That’s what I like to call it.  Years ago, Box Elder County created a land fill on top of a local hill called “Little Mountain”.  It’s a pain to have to take your garbage there yourself.  It will take you a minimum of 1 hour round trip plus the time to unload your trash.  I named it after Sigourney Weaver’s movie about Dian Fossey and the mountain gorillas in Rwanda called “Gorillas in the Mist”.

Anyway, the site, in my view is ideal; remote, but close enough to my city to provide the 35 Megawatts needed, secure – only one road goes to the landfill. Waste heat could be sold as process steam to the Proctor & Gamble paper plant a couple of miles away.

The beauty of my desire to have Thorium power is that if peak oil is for real, and I have reason to believe it is, the rising price and competition for oil and gas will drive the prices very high.  I might not be able to convince my fellow Utahns that molten salt Thorium reactors are a good idea using physics and logic to overcome fear mongering, but gasoline at $20 or $30 per gallon can be a very powerful motivator.  Trouble is that the reactors need to be developed now and capital needs to be invested now to get these reactors online before a crisis.

Question is, am I ready for the reaction I might receive when people in Box Elder County find out about my “proposal”?


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