Lewis Strauss and Hugh Hefner

Maybe I have a penchant for wacky and obscure analogies, but bear with me on this.

 Lewis Strauss was chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission from 1953 to 1958, under President Eisenhower (Ike).

I started this article somewhat differently than where it is now leading me, but to make a long story short, Lewis Strauss was a member of the establishment elite and a significant one. He was the personal financial adviser to the Rockefeller Family, whose fortunes came from oil and banking. This was in 1950 when Strauss had just left the AEC as a commissioner and before returning as the chairman in 1953, at the request of Ike.

That this has to be spelled out is disturbing in and of itself. Here is a man beholden to the Rockefellers and their oil money becoming the chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission in 1953. Did anyone notice at the time?  Did anyone think that Strauss had a conflict of interest?

Here is an analogy that most Utahns will understand: Having Lewis Strauss as chairman of the AEC is like have Hugh Hefner (the pornographer) as the president of the young woman’s mutual improvement association. There was a blatant conflict of interest that was damaging to nuclear power in the case of Lewis Strauss.  I don’t have to research all the great things he allegedly said about nuclear this and that when he was in the AEC. What I need are 10 professional researchers and access to the AEC and Rockefeller archives for about 10 years to attempt to reconstruct what was really done and not what was said.

Please remember that in 1953 the Eisenhower Administration and the CIA overthrew Mohammad Mosaddeq as prime minister of Iran so that five oil companies (Standard Oil of New Jersey, Socony-Vacuum — formerly Standard Oil of NY, and now Mobil — Standard Oil of California, Gulf, and Texaco) could get 40% of the oil coming out of Iran.

Am I really supposed to believe that Lewis Strauss, the personal financial adviser to the Rockefellers did not doing their bidding in the AEC at the same time that the CIA was doing their bidding in Iran?

Again, I am not calling for the reform of the NRC (successor of the AEC) to make things less bureaucratic for nuclear power. I am calling for the dissolution of the NRC. Defund the NRC!

This leads me to a question:

Why are American political institutions so ridiculously easy to take over? As I have discussed, oil had its man in the AEC from the very beginning in 1946.

I don’t want the ring of power, I want it thrown into Mount Doom.



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