In Praise of Coal, Oil, and Gas

A belated Merry Christmas to my readers!

img_8924img_8952On Christmas Day 2016, it snowed 12 inches at my house in Northern Utah!

img_8976img_8958The following machines make life bearable in this kind of climate. They run on coal, oil, and gas.

img_8956img_8962The cars run on gasoline, refined from oil.

img_8944Running, potable water comes to the house courtesy of electricity, 70% powered by coal. The water is heated with natural gas.

img_8946The furnace keeps the house warm and livable, without having to chop 20 cords of wood every year. The hot water and blower are powered by electricity, which is 70% coal fired.

img_8938The garage heater, useful for doing projects and fixing cars in the winter is powered by natural gas and electricity.

img_8929 This natural gas fireplace keeps the family room warm.

img_8951This snowblower runs on gasoline/oil. It’s a 2 stroke.

Thus, coal, oil, and gas make life in Northern Utah bearable and even possible, so I am thankful for them.

Nuclear, and especially molten salt technology, has the potential to make life enabling and life powering energy available more abundantly. That’s why I am for it!


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