Are Anti-Nuclear Activists Mysogynists?

Are Anti-Nuclear Activists Misogynists? I fully realize that question is a loaded one. Before I attempt to answer, please watch the following TED talk by Hans Rosling.

Here are some points he makes in the video:

1. Two billion people in the world currently live on less than $2 per day

2. Five billion people in the world today do not have access to a washing machine.  The burden for washing the families clothes falls almost exclusively to women.

Women washing in Rio Favella

Women washing clothes in Rio de Janeiro Favella (slum)

3. Hans’ grandmother, two generations ago, was one of those women doing laundry almost incessantly for her family of 7 children.

Hans Rosling Grandmother

Hans Rosling’s Grandmother washing clothes

4. Hans credits the washing machine that his family bought with his education because his mother and grandmother had time to go to the library and read to him after they were able to purchase the washer.

5. Where women have access to electricity, they have been liberated from a great burden.

6. Hans makes the assertion that those 5 billion people want washing machines to reduce their toil. (I fully agree)

7. We need more green energy because those 5 billion people desperately want a washing machine and the freedom it brings.  (Nuclear is green!)

Thus, I conclude that to the extent that anti-nuclear activists prevent the adoption of cheap, safe, clean, abundant nuclear power, they are engaging in msyogynistic behavior.

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