After Peak Oil

Welcome to Utah Thorium Energy!

This site is about nuclear energy.  It is PRO nuclear.  Make no mistake about it!

These four points (which I stole from Dr. Gary North) are the reason for the website:

1. Oil is a nonrenewable resource.
2. The price of oil will rise in comparison to other energy sources.
3. At some price, oil will get too expensive to use in our cars and other tools.
4. We will switch to something else.

I want the “something else” to be thorium/uranium molten salt fission reactors. I hope to persuade enough people in Utah that “nuclear” is something not to be feared and maybe when #4 comes, nuclear will have a chance at powering our modern and growing economy (with emphasis on growing and modern).  This website is intended to educate, persuade and inform my fellow Utahns about what I believe are the overwhelming benefits of molten salt thorium/uranium reactors.

As time allows, I will be adding material covering a number of subjects; basic nuclear physics, the linear no-threshold hypothesis (LNT), what is radiation, safety, nuclear proliferation, reactor basics, nuclear history, benefits of nuclear power, etc.

Why Utah?  I have deep roots in Utah.  I live with my family in Utah.  I have children and hope to have grandchildren.  I am concerned for their future.  I want the future to be bright (pun intended) and prosperous.  And just maybe, we can all benefit from what Glenn Seaborg called the $50 qaudrillion discovery that I will tell you about in a future post.




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