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My name is Brian Rex.  I live in Northern Utah. I have a wife and children.  I hope to have grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I believe our future is as bright as we want to make it.  We can chose safe and abundant energy from thorium to power that bright future.  I want that future for the area where I live. That is why I named this site Utah Thorium Energy. (UTE for short, the green kind)

I did not invent molten salt reactors.  I have no financial interest in anyone or any company developing such reactors.  These reactors were invented by the people who ushered us into the nuclear age, before I was born. I believe that we got off on the wrong foot at the beginning of the nuclear age, but we can now chose a different path, one that allows all humanity to benefit from clean, safe, abundant nuclear energy.

The purpose of this website is to persuade my fellow Utahns to overcome their fears of everything nuclear and see the benefits of this remarkable technology (molten salt reactors).

I don’t expect to do this overnight or even in a year or two, but maybe a decade or two.

Do you want clean air? Are you tired of seeing your children move out of state because of limited economic opportunities? Are you glassy eyed from hearing the latest vision for the future of Utah that mostly involves words like “wilderness” from Hollywood types?  I am.  So, I ask you to inform yourselves about nuclear and take courage and work past your fears and be wary of those promoting nuclear fear. They are usually on the receiving end of vast amounts of money from another form of energy.

No company will try to build a nuclear power plant in Utah as long as we are so opposed to anything nuclear.  And, there are too many well developed and well funded wilderness groups in Utah that will shout it down. But if an educated and informed public sees the benefits of molten salt reactors, I believe we can be unstoppable.

By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. This website is surely a small and simple thing, but I hope that it can bring to pass molten salt reactors in Utah.

3 thoughts on “About UTE

  1. Jill Watson says:

    Hi Brian, Was so thrilled to see your “Utah Thorium Energy ” blog. I saw this on my daily new letter subscription on ” Nuclear Townhall ” . I am so convinced even talking to experts in the field that our country made a huge mistake in the 50’s going down the path of Light water reactors ( and weapons ) vs. the simplicity and much safer Thorium ( LFTR ). So much so I am trying to pull together support to host a forum here in Nevada ( also the largest stock pile of Thorium ) at the University of Reno, School of Mines along with political, business community and the public at large to get educated on the possibilities of Thorium. Would welcome communicating and helping to ” make a difference ” . I truly believe with education we can be smarter, faster and safer if we get the facts out and the public demands it. Right now they only know fear…Not whats possible !!!!
    Jill Watson
    Great TED talk watch this clip
    : http://www.wimp.com/thoriumcrisis/

  2. Steve Dixon says:

    I’ve been watching this issue for some time, and I am happy to see somebody trying to get the word out in Utah. People are tired of me blathering about this. I’ll let you take some heat. Good luck.

    Steve Dixon, President
    Dixon Information
    Asbestos Laboratory

  3. George W Kellogg says:

    My name is George. I, too live at what I call “The Southeast Corner of the Future”. I live in Wausau, Wisconsin. According to a survey done during the halcyon days of Oak Ridge and another in ’94, there is an almost pure vein of a thorium bearing mineral and the southeast corner is at the corner of county O and evergreen rd. If you have listened to the TED Talks then you might have heard the connection between the Department of Energy, the University of Wisconsin and GE. I’m with you.

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