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Editors note:I asked my adult daughter to write about her experiences in the Amazon, particularly about not having electricity.  bwr


Amazon Lodge without Electricity


Dwelling on the Edge of the Amazon River


Drying clothes the old fashioned way


Village “Home”


Yanamono II Village Gathering


Potable Water Supply for Yanamono II Village

As a woman who grew up with electricity, I know very well that it is hard, no almost impossible, to live day-to-day without the use of electricity. Living in one of the richest countries in the world, I think that we sometimes take for granted of the power of electricity in our lives. We are constantly on the move and living life on fast forward so we don’t recognize the luxury of electricity.

I start my mornings off everyday with a blaring alarm clock, electricity BAM!  I unplug my phone from my charger, electricity BAM! Quickly, I use the blender to mix up my breakfast shake, and I’m out the door. My morning alone required significant use of electricity. Without electricity, billions of people would not be able to function and get the things done that they need to, in order to make it through the day.

I talk about the use of electricity and how important it is in our lives, because I have experienced living without electricity, and man was it rough! I had the opportunity to travel to a small village in Peru along the Amazon River to do humanitarian work. When I think of the Amazon River, I think of natives living in trees and boiling water to drink, and guess what… that is exactly what I found. There was literally no electricity use whatsoever among the people that lived there.

Except for the 1 hour of electricity I was able to have once a day for light at night in the cabin I was staying at, deep in the jungle, there was no electric power.  This was not anything like we have in the United States. I’m talking about one light bulb to light an entire room. I had one fan for one hour to dry my hand-washed clothes. There was no luxury of washing clothes in a washing machine or a clothes dryer. You better believe I had to hand wash everything I owned! Oh, and did I mention living off of warm, bottled water? Forget about a fridge. There was not one anywhere in sight! No ice cold water. No fresh, cold orange juice or icy, cold milk to drink in the morning with breakfast. Keep on dreaming!

I didn’t realize how spoiled I was growing up and living in the United States! Man, we have it all! Living in the Amazon jungle at 100 degrees with 90 percent humidity, without AC or ice cold water, definitely made me appreciate and realize that although it was bearable to live without electricity for a short time in the jungle, there is no way I could survive without electricity back home.

Because we are such a rich country with great technology and amazing advances in the use of electricity, we can do just about anything! Perform surgeries, flip on a light switch in a dark room, and use all our many forms of communication. We need, no we can’t survive, without electricity!

If you think differently, you better pack your bags and go visit a third world country where there is limited use of electricity or no electricity at all and then come tell me how it went! We are spoiled living in this country. Thorium power is the clean and safe way we can produce use electricity for the future!



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