A Way Forward

In my occupation as an engineer, I regularly field questions regarding the products my company produces.  Someone will call me and tell me a story about such and such that happened while the product was being manufactured, or this and that happened during transportation of the products from point A to point B and are the products still good?

My first response to such questions is to ask if something similar has happened before.  Frequently, the answer is yes. “Well then,” is my response, “let’s just do what we did last time this happened. No need to reinvent the wheel.”

This is also a good experience to apply to the NRC, DOE and FERC.  What have we done in the past to bloated, inefficient, anachronistic bureaucracies that have outlived their usefulness, if ever they had one? We got rid of them. They no longer exist.

For example, let’s consider the state of affairs in 1969 with the Civil Aeronautics Board, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the Federal Communications Commission and the telephone companies.

Airline regulation was an oligopoly. The Civil Aeronautics Board controlled ticket prices for all interstate flights. It controlled flight routes. That disappeared a decade later under Jimmy Carter. There is price competition on a scale never dreamed of prior to Carter’s presidency. It is cheap to fly anywhere in the world.

Or what about the Interstate Commerce Commission?

The Interstate Commerce Commission still controlled freight rates in 1969. That organization was literally shut down in 1995. There is freedom on the highways as never before.

And the Federal Communications Commission?

 The FCC controlled the licensing of airwaves broadcasting. It still does, but broadcasting is fading in importance. (It is fading very fast. ed.)

What about telephone companies?

We lived under a virtual monopoly of the telephone system. Then came the 1968 Carterfone decision by the Supreme Court. That broke the monopoly of the telephone cartel.

Each one of these changes was opposed by those whose illegitimate income depended on officers with guns enforcing the arbitrary rules against upstarts and entrepreneurs.

Does anyone want to return to 1969?  Some might ask what will we do without the NRC, the DOE and FERC? The same questions were asked a generation or two ago. Today we know the answers. We will have more freedom and richer lives with products we never before dreamed of.

The sky is the limit and let nuclear innovation go forward! Goodbye to the NRC, DOE and FERC. Life will be better without them.  That is the path forward for a nuclear renaissance!

The quotes are from Dr. Gary North.

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