My Daughter is Radioactive!

From Theo Gray's periodic table of the elements

From Theo Gray’s periodic table of the elements

It’s true. My daughter is radioactive! She had a diagnostic procedure done today using technetium99m. It is called a HIDA scan. The tech99m has a half life of 6 hours, so 93.75% of it is gone within a day. The radiation is gamma with 140KeV energy.

Check out the video (but please ignore the Michigan sweatshirt, jk):

Tens of millions of procedures like this are done every year.

This article claims the HIDA scan for gall bladder problems is very effective. I might also say that it is very safe.

My point is that nuclear technology like this is a great benefit to mankind. Molten salt reactors produce can produce vast amounts of energy and isotopes like tech99 for the benefit of mankind!

Also, note that the patient, was given no instructions to avoid other people or to pee in special containers that have to be stored at Yucca Mountain for 10,000 years. (Yes, I know the half life is 6 hours, but the longer the half life, the less radioactive the element is.)

Contrast this with the berserk response when a minuscule amount of radioactive tritium is found around a nuclear power plant.