MSRE Video!

This old video looks and feels like an Epcot Center or maybe a World’s Fair, but it is an informational video that shows important details of Molten Salt Reactor Experiment that was conducted at Oak Ridge National Lab 50 years ago.

Note the “computer” they used. My smartphone probably has 100 times the computing power of that old thing and 100,000 times the memory.

I continue to be amazed at this technology and even more amazed that it has gone unused for my entire lifetime.

Enjoy the show, folks!


Good source of Information about the History and Current State of Thorium Reactors

If you have the time, this video is very informative. It tells the basic history of nuclear power, starting with the Manhattan Project, and how uranium got the upper hand. The video was produced in Europe and is mostly in French, with subtitles. (sorry, but still very valuable)

The narrator is the ghost of Alvin Weinberg. There is a cameo of Kirk Sorenson and many others involved in promoting Thorium.