Sunniva Rose

Sunniva RoseSunniva Rose, a Norwegian, gave a great TED talk in Oslo about nuclear power and thorium in particular.  Coincidentally, the element thorium was discovered by a Norwegian and named after the Norse God of thunder, Thor.

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If you don’t have time to view the entire video, I have extracted an important graphic:Sunniva Rose deaths per watt by type of energy generation

As you can see, coal causes the most deaths per terrawatt-hour of electricity generated, and nuclear the least.  The numbers aren’t even close, as you can see by the graphic.

Now, I am not saying that nuclear is perfectly safe. Nothing that mortals engage in is perfectly safe, but the statistics show that nuclear is much, much safer than other forms of electricity generation.

To steal a quote from a commenter at Atomic Insights:

“Nuclear energy need not be perfect to be vastly superior to everything else. It only needs to be vastly superior to everything else, which it is.”

This website will show that nuclear power is indeed vastly superior to everything else.