Great Websites

One of the great things about the internet is how it allows us to collaborate with others who are like minded and build on each others efforts.  People we could never otherwise connect with because of time and distance.

One of those people is Rod Adams.  He runs a website called Atomic Insights.  I highly recommend it!

Another new website is called Atoms for California.

Another pro-nuclear advocate has put together an informative and useful brochure about radiation. Please take the time to read it and learn about radiation, so you can’t be manipulated by unscrupulous journalists.


I was having a water cooler moment at work just the other day.  We are all engineers and overwhelmingly pro-nuclear.  Some of the guys even have degrees in nuclear engineering, have taken nuclear engineering course work, or have worked at nuclear facilities.

Question: Why are so many engineers pro-nuclear? Call us nerds if you have to. I really don’t mind. We are not employed by the nuclear industry and don’t have any financial interest in nuclear energy. So why are we pro-nuclear? I guess because we understand the limitless energy contained in the nucleus of some certain heavy elements, like thorium. And these elements are abundant and can provide everyone on earth with abundant, clean energy for millennia.